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Meet the team

At amica24 our team is committed to providing the highest standards of service and customer care.

The team has a wide range of skills that support modern and innovative services to ensure our customers’ expectations are exceeded. Read our Management and Specialist teams’ personal profiles below to find out more about the people who help us to deliver more for customers.

Rupert Lawrence, Head of amica24

Rupert Lawrence

As head of service, Rupert is the lead for the organisation and drives service development, performance and business strategy. He is the operational lead for services for organisations and key contact for new and existing business enquiries.

Rupert has a real passion for Assistive Technology and developing Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS). He has over 10 years' experience within the housing and telecare sectors and his in-depth knowledge of Health, Social Care and Housing supports our services for all of these areas. In 2019, Rupert was elected as Non-Executive Director for England on the board of the TEC Services Association.

"I'm passionate about Assistive Technology because I know what it can achieve; better outcomes for service users and their families, better outcomes for customers and stakeholders, and better outcomes for commissioners and the wider community.

I also have a passion for customer service, innovation, people management and service development. I have a great team around me and supporting them to grow and develop the service and themselves is very rewarding."

Louise Orr, Contact Centre Manager

Louise Orr

As Contact Centre Manager, Louise is responsible for the running of our state-of-the-art monitoring and call handling hub based in Kidderminster.

She leads on performance management and reporting, enquiries and customer feedback, resource management and service development for the monitoring centre.

Louise has worked for the Group for over 12 years and over 5 years management experience within our monitoring centre operations.

"I enjoy helping the Team deliver an exceptional service to our customers, encouraging the team, and creating a feeling of community. No two days are the same and I love helping so many different people to maintain their independence and live healthier, happier lives."

Joanne Shenton, Monitoring Response Manager

Joanne Shenton

"I started with the company in August 2010 as an operator. I then became a supervisor in 2013 and I have then changed roles recently and become the manager of the monitoring centre in June 2019."

"I am responsible for the monitoring Response Supervisors and the Monitoring Response Operators. I am here to provide the company with a comprehensive and professional administration of a telecare monitoring & response service. This includes the management and leadership of the monitoring & response team. I am here to administer the resourcing of the Monitoring & Response Centre in order to meet demand and maintain the highest standards of call handling quality to meet our customers expectations and TSA code of practice requirements. I also oversee the running of the customer contact centre working alongside Sarah Akers to ensure we lead the customer service centre to deliver a first class service to our customers."

"I am passionate about this role because it gives me the opportunity to support my colleagues and enhance their knowledge of the business, giving them the opportunity to progress. I truly believe in the service that we provide our service users, it gives them the independence and the support to be able to live in their own homes and in turn reassures their family that there is always help available if they were to need it."

Sarah Akers, Customer Service Manager

Sarah Akers

With 35 years Customer Service experience, Sarah transferred her skills into the Housing and Telecare sector in 2007.

"I am responsible for the Customer Service Team, to lead and manage them in all aspects of their work, achieving 90% overall customer satisfaction and reaching our call KPI’s to answer 80% of calls within 120 seconds. I administer the resourcing of the Customer Service team to meet call demand and achieve high levels of customer service. I work jointly with the Monitoring Response Manager to assist with the management and leadership of the Monitoring Response Supervisors and Operators."

"I am passionate about my role because I genuinely believe in helping people to live their best lives and I believe that our service does just that by helping and supporting them to live independently and safely in their own homes. To give our service users and their families peace of mind knowing that we are here for them 24 hrs a day, 365 days of the year."

Katy Lewis – Sales and Business Support Manager

Katy Lewis

As Sales and Business Support Manager, Katy leads our installation and maintenance services. This service carries out over 2000 installations each year and is constantly developing using new TEC to support vulnerable people to be able to live independently in their own home. Katy works closely with the installation team to ensure they are well trained and have the tools required to fulfil their role.

Katy's background in Stairlift manufacturing has given her a wealth of transferrable skills to bring to the organisation. Her existing network of contacts and experience in the industry allows her to understand the varying needs of vulnerable people and what impact new initiatives will have on their lives.

"I am thrilled to be part of a team with whom I share a passion for customer service. I am proud of what we have achieved and want to continue to provide excellent service to our customers. I am delighted at the compliments my installation team receive and it makes me proud to be part of the team."

Mitch Hyde, TECS Operations Manager

Mitch Hyde

As TECS Operation Manager, Mitch oversees the Installation and Business Support Team. Mitch has progressed through the organisation to his current role so has excellent background knowledge of all aspects of the customer journey. His experience is invaluable to developing the service and keeping abreast of new and innovative TEC to implement into the service.

Mitch has over ten years' experience in the security industry as a trainer and CCTV controller. He transferred his skills to the housing and telecare sector in 2009 and has developed a great knowledge of equipment and systems used for assisting people to be safe, healthy and independent. He is a committed innovator when it comes to assistive technology and works tirelessly to design solutions that are tailored to the individual and support them to achieve outcomes.

"I find the most interesting and rewarding side of my role is making our service users lives easier and happier through identifying and creating solutions to enable greater independence and well-being."

Mark Bywater, Commercial Development Officer

Mark Bywater

As Commercial Development Officer, the elements of Mark’s role include stakeholder relations, customer liaison, marketing and commercial sales. Mark plays a crucial role in our connected care approach ensuring our relationships with key stakeholders are maximised to support outcomes and enable more people to benefit from assistive technology. He works with our customers to develop their services too and collaborative marketing helps them to achieve business growth.

Mark has over 25 years of marketing experience helping him to maximise and identify growth opportunities and to build partnerships and networks. He has worked directly with some of the UK’s biggest brands to achieve successful product development, identify new market opportunities, determine optimal pricing to balance profit with customer/client satisfaction, as well as direct marketing operations and collaboration of services.

"My marketing background helps our customers to grow their services and enable more people to benefit from assistive technology. I love working with other organisations and stakeholders to achieve better partnership working and successful outcomes for all involved."

David Jones, Technical Support Officer

David Jones

As Technical Support Officer, David is the technical development lead for our services and product range. He works alongside our operational teams providing technical expertise and input into key projects and developments. A key part of David’s role is sourcing and evaluation of products for our Assistive Technology (AT) range and integrating them with our monitoring hub.

David has a background in IT covering development, support and senior management and has an excellent understanding of how to identify and implement practical technical solutions that meet the needs of the end user. David joined amica24 as an operator so he has first-hand experience of our customers and their families and the challenges they face.

"I'm a very practically minded person and in my previous IT career and at amica24, I’ve enjoyed working at an operational customer service level before moving on to management and behind the scenes support. This has given me great insight in to what our customers need and has enabled me to identify the areas where technology can make a real difference to people's lives. I'm committed to the highest levels of customer service whether for our external customers or the colleagues I’m supporting within the company."

Gemma Oliver, Business Administration Officer

Gemma Oliver

As Business Administration officer, Gemma is the corporate customer liaison for invoicing, data management, meeting organisation and enquiries. Her role also includes supplier management, product ordering and PA duties.

Gemma has over 15 years of office experience ranging from Fostering Services to Charities and most recently the medical engineering industry. As an account manager for 4 years, Gemma has successfully managed engineers, built solid relationships with customers and developed new business opportunities.

"I pride myself on being approachable and willing to help with any of my customers' concerns. I am a natural problem solver and enjoy helping to overcome issues. I am an advocate for constructive communication – this is essential so that customers and colleagues alike are all working together to an agreed target.  I am honoured to be part of an organisation that is working to support people to live safely in their own home."

David Fuente, Technology Enabled Care Coordinator

David Fuente

David started at amica24 in 2018 as an Operator and progressed to his current role as the Technology Enabled Care Coordinator in February 2019.

Technology-Enabled care is changing the way care is being implemented within the community. Being able to give people the chance to be heard and allowing them to have more control over the support that is provided to them, which enables them to be more valued as a person makes me feel good and pleased I am offering a fantastic service.

"The role is diverse and allows me to advise, support, train, install and review Assistive Technology packages and see individuals remain independent for longer. The industry is forever changing and allows me to continuously learn, which is where I find joy in the little things in life and share that joy with others."