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Who is amica24?

Who is amica24

amica24 is the new brand name for Worcestershire Telecare.

We are part of The Community Housing Group and deliver services to over 100 organisations including housing associations, health care providers and local authorities and around 26,000 customers across the UK.

We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional standards of service, achieving accreditation to the TEC Services Association's Quality Standards Framework. This enabled us to grow the business outside Worcestershire but it became apparent that the name “Worcestershire Telecare” was confusing to new and potential customers.

We chose our new name, amica24 because amica is the Latin word for friend. We feel it reflects the customer centred focus of our business and 24 represents the 24 hour, seven days a week monitoring & response service we provide.

Our Monitoring & Response Centre is run by a team of specially trained operators who can offer support and advice not only to customers who have triggered an alarm call but to customers using the centre to contact their landlord for repairs services or other tenancy matters. We have continued to make significant developments to our monitoring & response centre and investing in the latest technologies.

amica24 will enable the company to further develop our range of technology enabled care products, sensors and alarms which are designed to support independent living within the home. We will continue to introduce more products to support specific health and well-being conditions including dementia, epilepsy, COPD and muscular dystrophy. We also manage lone worker protection services and the monitoring of assistive technology.