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Supporting everyday independence and well-being

Supportive Products

Who is amica24?

We are part of Community Housing and deliver services to over 100 organisations including housing associations and local authorities and around 26,000 customers across the UK.

Technology for a range of conditions

Technology can support a wide range of medical conditions, disabilities and daily living activities so choosing the right technology solution for you is important. We offer a wide range of products that aim to help you to continue to live safely and independently. Some of these solutions are especially suited to certain health conditions or health problems and our helpful Medical Condition Guide provides information on which products may work best for you.

Use our Medical Condition Guide to choose the right technology for you


Pendant Lifeline

Our telecare alarm and pendant provides you with the ability to call for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling you to carry on living your life safe in the knowledge that if an emergency situation arises, you can summon help immediately.

Monitoring Centre

Monitoring Centre

Our purpose built Monitoring & Response Centre is at the heart of our service. This is where our friendly and highly-trained operators make sure that every call is answered quickly and handled in a caring and helpful manner.

Personal Referral

You can refer yourself, a family member, friend or neighbour by filling in the form below. We only need a few details, which will go directly to our Business Support Team, who will then get in touch with the point of contact to offer more information or make an appointment to install the telecare equipment.

Publications and media

Watch, read and follow us for all the latest developments and events at amica24. Follow our journey in our innovative approach to assistive technologies and our caring and supportive outcomes that we achieve.