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Detect (used with our Enureis or bed/chair sensors)

Detect Detect Detect Detect Detect Detect

Allows monitoring of bed/chair occupancy and enuresis, all in one unit!

The Detect can provide visual and audible indication for additional reassurance to both users and carers. Jam-packed with features, include 'cancel at source' option and 'virtual sensor' compatibility. It also has absence time options built-in, ranging from 0.5 seconds to 30 minutes. Two RJ12 terminal inputs are provided for multiple device connections, allowing you to monitor more with just one device. Range of up to 600m line of sight

  • How the product might help: Alert a monitoring centre / local carer if someone has left their bed or chare, or with our enuresis sensor
  • Who it might help: People with dementia, people who are at high risk of falls, people who are at risk of hurting themselves getting out of a bed / chair
  • What conditions it might support: Dementia, falls, incontinence

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