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Enuresis - Incontinence Mat


Enuresis (used with Detect)

The enuresis mat is placed on a bed between the mattress and sheet and provides immediate warning on detection of moisture. The mat allows effective action to be taken, and reduces the need for intrusive and undignified physical checks, promoting dignity and independence. The durable and wipe-clean sensor mats can be re-used for cost-effective and hygienic implementation

  • How the product might help: Allows for an alert to be sent should moisture be detected, allowing the person to be undisturbed throughout the night unless they need support 
  • Who it might help: Someone who has issues with incontinence. It could also be used where there is a need to detect excessive sweating, which could be an early indication of an epileptic seizure for example, or to detect vomiting where this poses a risk to someone 
  • What conditions it might support: Incontinence, epilepsy, prader-willi syndrome 

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