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Airis Stove Guard


Residents can cook safely for themselves and maintain their independence. The non-invasive nature of the Unicook Airis Stove Guard makes it well suited for vulnerable people, especially those living with dementia.

This can also be inked through to our monitoring & response centre so providing 24/7 reassurance.

Airis is a 'stove guard'; it uses technology which cuts the power to the cooker to prevent fires.

Airis uses artificial intelligence to better identify and determine an abnormal situation, such as when a pan boils dry, while being the least intrusive stove guard available.

  • Sensors can be easily fitted to the front of back of the cooker hood or on the wall behind the hob.
  • Detects human activity
  • Boil-dry detection
  • Auto-reset after activation (optional)
  • with all electric cooker types
  • Does not interfere with normal cooking

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