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New pilot to deliver assistive digital technologies to prevent social isolation and anxiety

Amica24 is working with Worcestershire Community Foundation in a new pilot to deliver assistive digital technologies that can support and encourage inclusion within local communities and help prevent social isolation and anxiety, which has been more prevalent during the Covid19 pandemic.

This is the first pilot of its kind and we are very excited about its possibilities and the beneficial support it could provide to reduce the digital divide, avoidable isolation and loneliness. Funding from Worcestershire Community Foundation has been made available and it was essential we identified the most suitable digital solution that would deliver positive health, wellbeing and social outcomes.

We needed to provide a video communication tool that can be used to link groups together and even stream virtual events and social events to remote participants who would otherwise be unable to participate. The technology had to be affordable, reliable and easy to use for all capabilities with easy access made possible with technical support available. We also wanted to monitor individual mood and anxiety levels by asking a few simple bespoke multiple-choice questions and measuring it against their experiences. of using the service.

We proposed a tablet enabled product called Myhomehelper as it provides contactless video communication, and we can set questions and messages through its portal. Amica24 has been working alongside the creator of Myhomehelper for several years, and they will be working with us to enable us to maximise its abilities and customise its personalisation. By providing this kind of connected communication and networking support, we can help deliver improved health and well-being outcomes.

The pilot is a multi-agency scheme which will provide a collaborative services and support, allowing a better integration across the care services they provide. The pilot will initially start with 38 devices being available across the service partners and all identifying various needs of service users and ways it can be applied in different scenarios. We will be updating information and outcomes on a regular basis and share with local Worcestershire organisations to provide measurable outcomes.

Published - 14 Jan 2021

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