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Supporting everyday independence and well-being

Supportive Products

Who is amica24?

amica24 is the new brand name for Worcestershire Telecare. The company which is part of Community Housing, delivers services to over 100 organisations including housing associations and local authorities and around 25,000 customers across the UK.

Monitoring Centre

amica24 provides out of hours call handling for a range of local authorities and housing associations processing urgent and non-urgent housing repairs, ASB and other housing management enquiries. Our organisations own extensive experience of provided repair services to our own residents.


Lone Alert from amica24 can help safeguard your lone working employees. We offer a range of Lone Alert devices and flexible monitoring options to provide the right type of protection your staff need and deserve.

"They have a wealth of knowledge and understanding in Assistive Technology which they readily share with the Local Authority"

Professional Referral

Refer your service users and clients quickly and easily by using our Quick Refer service. Save time when making regular referrals by simply logging in to your personal referral area at any time of the day or night.

Publications and media

Watch, read and follow us for all the latest developments and events at amica24. Follow our journey in our innovative approach to assistive technologies and our caring and supportive outcomes that we achieve.