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LoneAlert from amica24

There are nearly 7 million people lone working in the UK, and as working conditions change with advancements in technology and communication, and more organisations promote agile working, this figure is set to rise dramatically.

The Health and Safety Executive describes a lone worker as those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision. This includes job roles such as care workers, housing officers, district nurses, social workers, estate agents and construction workers.

It is an employer’s responsibility to provide a duty of care to their staff and ensure an effective policy is in place that identifies who might be harmed, the dangers they may face and any measures that can be taken to prevent and reduce the risk of injury. This policy also needs to inform lone workers of the arrangements in place and the procedures to follow.

LoneAlert from amica24 can help safeguard your lone working employees. We offer a range of LoneAlert devices and flexible monitoring options to provide the right type of protection your staff need and deserve.

Our monitoring options consist of either you monitoring your own lone workers, or we can monitor them for you.

Self-monitoring allows you to access a dedicated web portal where you can check on the safety of your lone worker, with both amber and red alerts visible on the portal, and any panic alerts that are raised will come through immediately via the portal, phone call, text message or email to prompt someone to check the system.

Our full monitoring option means that our friendly, highly- trained operators at our 24/7 Monitoring & Response Centre handle all alerts and escalations, taking all the agreed actions to locate your lone worker and get them the help they require.

To read about the device that’s right for you, click on the appropriate link below:

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