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Monitoring Centre


amica24 provides out of hours call handling for a range of local authorities and housing associations processing urgent and non-urgent housing repairs, ASB and other housing management enquiries.

Our processes enables calls to be answered in accordance with their arrival at the centre and in-line with our customers’ repair policies and procedures. Our organisation has it’s own extensive experience of providing repair services to our own residents.

We also provide out of hours for commercial business where there is a need for their customers to have 24/7 access.

We can provide details of repair enquiries and jobs booked during out-of-hours periods.

We have experience in logging repair calls via a housing management system and we provide this within Capita and Open Contractor for our own organisation (The Community Housing Group) for repairs for over 6,000 properties.

Call handling

We have invested in developing a call handling platform that meets the changing market, the introduction of more digital technologies and the growing customer requirements.

Our digital monitoring platform, supports digital enabled telecare systems that offer greater speed, flexibility, scalability and resilience than traditional analogue systems.

amica24 is committed to ensuring that we don’t just meet TSA standards but constantly exceed and drive the very highest performance and quality which sets the framework for the organisation.

Our person based contact centre can provide wide range services including:

  • Out of hours
  • Telehealth
  • Assisstive tech
  • Reception calls
  • ASB