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John aged 72

John is 72 and lives with several health conditions including chronic COPD. As a result, John mainly uses his electric buggy to get around and carries an oxygen cylinder for when he gets breathless.

John was determined to stay as independent as possible so he approached us for advice on how he could improve his independence. We met up with him in his apartment and spoke to him about what he wanted to achieve and his abilities.

One of the things he mentioned, was feeling safe enough to venture further in his buggy and he spoke how he loved canals and how he wished he felt reassured enough to go down the local footpath and even into town.

John also spoke about how he got frustrated in his apartment when someone called at his door but by the time he got to the door and struggled to open the door, the visitor had almost certainly gone!

The solutions we provided

To enable John to regain confidence to journey to the canal side and into town we provide him with a Mindme alarm pendant. This would give him the reassurance that if he was to be taken ill whilst he was out and about he could press the SOS button and speak directly to our 24/7 Monitoring & Response team, who could raise the appropriate help. Also, it meant that if he was to have a fall from his buggy and could not press the button, we could still locate him via the built-in GPS tracking.

The solution we provided John for his front door and access was an automatic video door entry system. This allowed him to see who was at the front door via a handset inside the apartment and more importantly, open the door at just a press of the button.

Outcome for John

The use of the Mindme pendant has now allowed John to get out and about a lot more and feel very safe in doing so. He now enjoys going along the towpath by the canal and into town.

John commented: “Knowing that if something was to happen to me, I can raise help really easily is so reassuring and has helped my confidence no end.”

The door entry system may seem a very simple everyday activity but for someone who lives alone with a disability, it provides control over his independence and also John’s accessibility has improved along with feeling safe in his home. He has seen the benefits of such technologies and wants to look at more for his apartment so he can stay active and living well.

John's Story