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Ron aged 80

Ron's story is a good example of how assistive technology can support an individual and provide the necessary reassurance for them to continue to go out and about.

Ron is 80 years of age, married and lives with diabetes and is also asthmatic. Ron has already got a lifeline pendant and is very pleased with the reassurance it gives him and his wife for around their home.

Ron enjoys using his mobility scooter to get around town and it enables him to remain independent and keeps him socially engaged. Six months ago, Ron went on an errand to town on his scooter but he had a nasty fall whilst getting out. Fortunately, the shop keeper and local residents helped Ron and he managed to drive his scooter back home but was in great pain.

He did not have a mobile phone and his wife was out doing volunteering work. Initially he was informed that there were no breaks but he was still in great pain and eventually x-rays and scans identified a complex ankle break. Whilst waiting for surgery, both Ron and his wife were very keen that he should still have the opportunity, and importantly the confidence, to enable him to still get out and about.

Ron had lost confidence to continue to go out in case he fell again. We helped Ron by carrying out an assessment of his situation and provided him with a Mindme alarm.

The Mindme is a mobile device which allows Ron to still go out on his scooter but if he was to feel ill or have a fall, he can press the SOS button and speak directly to our Monitoring & Response team. The Mindme also has in built GPS so we can pinpoint his exact location and his wife could also have access to this information, which would give her peace of mind.

When we met up with Ron, he expressed how having this device had made a big difference to his confidence when going out and he was not constantly having to worry in case something happened to him.

Ron commented: “I enjoy going into town and doing things. I know a lot of people in the town and often stop to have a chat. I would miss this greatly if I could not get out and about.”